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Produkt koncepcyjny CP078
Quad Bay M.2 SATA SSD Mobile Rack for External 3.5" Drive Bay
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  • Product Introduction
    Utilizing the new M.2 SATA connection standard, the CP078 is the perfect high density storage solution for SSDs, no longer constraining SSDs to an older HDD form factor, to better utilize their features such as smaller size and reduced power consumption. Fits four M.2 SATA SSDs in a single 3.5" bay allowing for rapid storage expansion in workstations, servers, and applications requiring high-performance solid state storage. It features an adaptive tray design to accept the full range of drive lengths 30-80mm, in a secure metal tray with optional screw. Each drive has its own status LED built into the tray, to give you status updates at a glance. To reduce cable clutter, all four drives are connected through a single Mini-SAS HD port, and powered through a single SATA 15-pin power connector.

    M.2 is the modern form factor for SSDs found on newer laptops, desktops, and workstation PCs, and replaces the traditional 2.5" size. The smaller size of M.2 means less space is wasted, allowing you to fit more drives into a smaller spaces compared with 2.5". The CP078 uses a single Mini-SAS HD cable to connect all four M.2 SATA drives, greatly reducing cable clutter. Mini-SAS HD, the next-generation drive connection standard, supports speeds of up to 32Gbps, enough bandwidth to run all for SATA drives at their maximum 6Gbps without any loss in speed.

    Utilizing the standard 3.5" external bay, also known as the floppy bay, the compact design of the CP078 allows for all four M.2 SATA SSDs, up to 80mm in length, to be installed into this small bay. This makes it perfect for applications requiring many SSDs, as conventional systems only allow one or two M.2 drives to be installed. M.2 SATA SSDs are often used in laptops and small-form-factor systems due to their small size. The CP078 gives any computer M.2 support, allowing you to share data from your laptop with your home PC, server, or workstation system.
Cechy główne
Supports 4x M.2 SSDs, 22mm in width, 30-80mm in length
Installs into a single 3.5" bay
Rugged full-metal construction
Tool-Less drive installation, with optional screw for additional security
Ample ventilation holes work with PC cooling to maintain drive at optimum temperatures
Supports full SATA III 6Gbps transfer rates
All four drives connected through a single Mini-SAS HD 32Gbps cable
Powers all four drives with a single 15-pin SATA power cable
Eagle-hook mechanism locks drives into place and prevents drives from falling out on systems prone to movement and vibration
EMI grounding to protect drives from electrical damage
Active Power Technology (APT) - only powers up if there is a drive installed
Backed by full 3-year manufactures warranty with industry leading customer and technical support
Model Number: CP078
Color: Black
Host Interface: 1 x miniSAS HD (SFF-8643)
Drive Fit: 4 x M.2 SATA SSD (compatible with 2230 / 2242 / 2260 / 2280)
Device Fit: 1 x external 3.5" drive bay
Maximum Transfer Rate:
Depending on Hard Drive Speed
Support SATA 6Gbps
Power Input: 1 x SATA 15 Pin
SSD Access Indicator: Device power: solid blue
Device activity: flashing blue
Device empty: LED off
Structure: Full metal
Package Content: Device, user manual, screws
Weight: 500g(TBD)
Dimension (W x H x D): 101.6 x 25.4 x 135.1mm

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